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Paper IDSession IDTimeTrack ID志愿者志愿者手机腾讯会议链接腾讯会议号Title
1583PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-01陆益敏18817668512 Lane Detection Flexibly Adapting to Road Structure Information
1613PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-02华伊莎18949460378 Siamese Trackers with Attention Mask
1629PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-03胡佳佳15255373826 Attentional Network for Point Cloud Processing
1640PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-04陶绍诚15862088998 Detection Based on V1-Spiking-YOLO
1655PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-05李多佳17856915121 Robust Edge Detection Algorithm for Finger Vein Recognition
1753PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-06杨飞18217706617 761 886Substation Equipment Abnormity Detection Based on Improved YOLOv5
1775PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-07伊然18756915686 Driving Position-Sensitive Neural Network for Driver Fixation Prediction
1817PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-08余帆18155911024 Feature Adaptation with Anomaly Re-Prediction for Maritime Target Tracking
1824PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-09余乾子15375330420 Active Learning for Cardiac Image Segmentation
1836PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-10袁铭19855146713 Reconstruction of Weakly Textured Objects Based on Denoising Polarized Images
1847PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-11韩志豪17354035687 Point Cloud Image Interpolation via Separable Convolution
1889PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-12沈星艺17356589702 Thermal Sensation Recognition Based on Human Behavior Postures in Office Environment
1910PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-13程凯15983321368 Translation with Semantic Decoupling Algorithm
1923PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-14邵志昂17685541069 Deep Learning Based Surface Defect Detection Method with Coarse Granularity for Corrugated Fuel Tubes
1978PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-15龚梦瑶18137559895 An Environmental Inspection Stations Diesel Vehicle Black Smoke Detection Network Based on Color Features Location
1984PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-16刘志鹏18763636893 A Lightweight Network Designed for Pedestrian Detection
2004PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-17王晨亦17398385189 Camera-based Motion Segmentation via Depth Estimation and 3D Motion Compensation
2049PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-18陈晓洁19955544648 of A Visual Portable Long-Distance Outdoor Positioning System
2091PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-19李澳美18856917985 Fusion of Salient Features for Construction Waste Classification
2206PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-20刘珈汝15133552781 Instance Segmentation Considering Feature Enhancement for Lane Detection
2245PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-21徐天宇18036825392 Real-time Object Volume Measurement Method Based on Line Laser Scanning
2261PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-22张玉才18845756531 Detection and Tracking Method Based on Spiking Neuron Network
2275PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-23张开16622899507 Stable and Fast Network for Real-Time Video Semantic Segmentation
2280PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-24黄辉17856530660 Image Caption Based on Transformer
417PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-25吴燕珍18196522985 Subgraph Analysis of Chinese Credit System
660PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-26张梦18755756550 Game with Circular Goal Region
678PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-27陈永刚17739622013 Formation Game-based Approach for Task Allocation with Large-scale UAVs
798PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-28张慧娟15255186239 Analysis of Two-layer Time-varying Trust Hegselmann-Krause Models with Opinion Leaders
996PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-29张晓瑜15075928035 Three-Level Game for Resource Allocation in Cognitive Radio Networks
1541PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-30姜天天13281285056 of Cooperation Based on Synergy and Discounting on N-person Snowdrift Game
1548PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-31刘洪健13438879134 Mechanism with Expected Payoff Promotes Cooperation in Spatial Voluntary Public Goods Game
2042PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-32姜凯19556084380 of Opinions with Estimation and Interference
2065PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-33葛云13003517822 Power Control Algorithm Based on Differential Game Theory in Cognitive Radio Networks
24PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-34丁龙18810935403 Active Learning for Scene Understanding in Indoor Environments
33PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-35宋瑞18756920529 367 964A New Visualization-guided Attention-ResNeXt Network for Trash Classification
35PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-36李民策15801525289 on Mask RCNN Based on Rotating Self-supervised Learning
90PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-37胡潮18297910762 and Multiplier-less FPGA Implementation of Self-adaptive Leaky Integrate-and-Fire Neuron
230PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-38黄河源13685690200 339 791Underwater Target Detection Based on Improved YOLOv4
253PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-3917344079662 of BP Neural Network in Real Estate Batch Assessment
256PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-40张骄阳17866635210 178 959Noise Resistance Study for Performance Degradation Estimation of High-Speed Train Bogie Based on Multi-Scale Time U-Net
293PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-41张灵灵18156110965 207 565Universal Path Planning Based on Naive Bayes Classifier and Improved A* Algorithm Using CNN
295PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-42陆佳杰17352916643 for AER Objects Based on Hierarchical Feature Construction
319PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-43杨如玉17860626927 Translation with Contrastive Regularization
330PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-44徐瑞龙17398385697 Hand Gesture Detection Based on YOLOv5s
366PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-45王邦宇18267675890 Image Classification with An Improved Self-knowledge Distillation
371PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-46吴振豪15395510178 Domain Adaptation Classification via Adversarial Learning
384PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-47贾凯乐17318543453 with Pyramid Split Attention and Multi-Scale Feature Learning Network for Single Image Deraining
514PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-48谭美娟16655129512 Network with Cascaded Model Dendritic Morphologic and FPGA Implementation
526PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-49杨兆宝15161151821 Fixed-point Design Method for Spiking Neuron Circuits
572PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-50骆雨欣15398121096 Sensing Warship Detection Method Based on Improved Mask R-CNN
697PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-51程露17318599796 Improved Object Detection Algorithm for Assembly Line Garbage Sorting
769PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-52苏天成15209855695 of Object Detection Techniques
916PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-53卢亮升13547806981 Sensing Object Detection Method Based on Attention Mechanism and Multi-scale Feature Fusion
1058PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-54姚禹18913526761 Feature-enhanced Model for Chinese Medical Text Classification Based on Improved BERT and Feature Fusion
1223PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-55龚雪18790439046 on Detection Method of Environmental Homologous Complaint Reports Based on Decomposition Attention Network
1298PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-56葛一烽15797956597 Furniture Images Target Detection Based on SSD Algorithm
1356PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-57麻玉龙13295516286 Deep Neural Networks Through Model Transformation: Literature Review
1367PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-58罗乐15955113121 on the Face Silent Liveness Algorithm Based on Auxiliary Information
1402PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-59白柠语15056045680 Detection of Complex Images Based on Convolutional Neural Network
1431PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-60刘淑秀13514978439 Scale-Consistent Depth and Pose for Unsupervised Visual Odometry
1439PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-61康雨琪17856762033 Fusion Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach for Stock Trading
1463PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-62熊苗苗18676056496 Object Detection Using Multi-scale Feature Fusion and Attention
1513PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-63盛长生13190259480 273 908Image Defogging Based on Improved Residual Block Feature Fusion Network
1571PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-64杨小鹏17305690408 Soft-Sensor Modeling Method Based on Gated Stacked Isomorphic Autoencoder
1594PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-65刘飞18551759862 of Different Optimization Aalgorithms on Prediction Accuracy of Photovoltaic Output Power Based on BP Neural Network
1631PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-66赵翔宇13373370185 on Vision-Based Object Detection Algorithm for Marine Obstacles
1651PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-67刘生辉13637068905 Spatio-temporal Traffic Flow Prediction Based on Multi Fusion Graph Attention Network
1662PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-68汪俊辰13081860774 of Aorta with Aortic Dissection Based on Centerline and Boundary Distance
1673PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-69李庆宇17862889718 on Adversarial Sample Generation Algorithm for PGD Attack
1689PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-70翟鹏飞13382849986 547 311Research on Multi-label Classification Problem Based on Neural Network and Label Correlation
1695PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-71殷雪怡15888188592 of Strip Steel Surface Defects Based on Data Augmentation Combined with MobileNet
1799PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-72黄帅15305520142 Target Segmentation Based on Improved DeepLabv3+
1808PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-73王晨晨13225880196 Improved YOLOv5s for Vehicle-mounted Infrared Target Detection
PTuC-74祝铭烨15605199208 Robustness Benchmark for Prognostics and Health Management
1913PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-75叶慧13645692049 A Reparameterized Convolutional Neural Network for Rail Clip State Recognition
1964PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-76郭俊荣19155168689 on the Application of Deep Learning Based Surface Defect Detection and Treatment Method for Hot Rolled Strip Steel
2007PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-77刘斌琨13003063881 Global Attention-based Convolutional Neural Network for Process Prediction
2052PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-78裴丽红18856966752 LSTM for Multivariate Time Series Imputation
2085PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-79赵奇15137796234 Data-Driven Method for Lithium-Ion Batteries Remaining Useful Life Prediction Based on Optimal Hyperparameters
2252PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-80姚瑶13721076117 Vital Signs Monitoring Device Based on Convolutional Neural Network
2255PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-81马海越18795265088 465 578End to End Sleep Staging Using Fiber Optic Signal
2273PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-82王任道15156693702 Invariance-based Deep Learning SLAM for Robots
2304PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-83邹家莉15659456785 128 272Time Series Forecasting Based on Wavelet Decomposition and Recurrent Broad Learning Systems
1641PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-84童雨洁18095659216 Evaluation of Central Air-conditioning Industrial Internet System Based on FAHP and ALARP
195PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-85李传玲18735132065 Given Default Modeling and Variable Importance Analysis of Credit Loans
215PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-86李志林18855443392 of Centralized Management on Recovery Rates of Credit Loans
234PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-87李宽15856805738 Content of IPO Prospectus on Listing Pricing: Evidence from China
1230PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-88陈艳18705695095 on Digital Transformation of Enterprise Human Resource Management Based on DEA-Malmquist Model
1378PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-89李婧如15395569448 and Prevention of Collusion among Power Producers in Power Market Based on Decision Tree
348PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-90荣华锐18856494698 Sensor and Detection Technology Educational Reform Facing to Engineering Education Accreditation Standards
984PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-91周越15856453499 of Modern Industrial Colleges from the Perspective of Symbiosis
985PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-92贺浩阳18788895631 of Transformation and Upgrading of Traditional Engineering Majors in the New Economic Era
1952PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-93常润东15056046229 Instructional Design of Programmable Controller Application and Practice Guided by Innovative Projects
2116PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-94郭伟明15129285280 Application and Research of Fuzzy PID Temperature Control System in Automobile Seal Bending Equipment
2123PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-95周宇哲15656582861 on the Mining of Basic Talents Based on Multi-dimensional Data
1899PTuCJuly 26, 16:30--17:50PTuC-96赵功鹏17754836571
Observer-based Consensusability of Multi-agent Systems with Directed Topologies