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Paper IDSession IDTimeTrack ID志愿者志愿者手机腾讯会议链接腾讯会议号Title
1887PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-01陆益敏18817668512 Power Prediction Based on SVMD-PCA-EL Model
1385PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-02华伊莎18949460378 Sensitivity of Ultrasmall Rotation Velocity Measurements with Biased Quantum Weak Measurement
541PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-03胡佳佳15255373826 Supervisory Control of Epilepsy in A Neural Mass Model
860PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-04陶绍诚15862088998 and Design of A Tandem Axial-flow Left Ventricular Assist System
1559PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-05李多佳17856915121 Dynamics and Latent Manifolds in Cortical Neural Networks with Temporal Interference Stimulation
1623PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-06杨飞18217706617 525 253Machine learning‑based construction of a miRNAs prognostic risk assessment model of cervical cancer
1628PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-07伊然18756915686 of Key Genes for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Based on A Differential Co-expression Method
4PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-08余帆18155911024 Control of Exoskeleton-assisted Handling System Considering Porter Fatigue
111PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-09余乾子15375330420 of Smart Factory Network Architecture Based on Non-uniform Clustering
503PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-10袁铭19855146713 Defect Detection Based on Improved YOLOv3-Tiny Algorithm
569PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-11韩志豪17354035687 Speed Monitoring Design of Air-actuated System Based on S7-300 Controller
730PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-12沈星艺17356589702 Multi-User Smart Metering System
837PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-13程凯15983321368 Defect Detection of Steel Products Based on Improved YOLOv5
969PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-14邵志昂17685541069 Hybrid Heuristic Method for Multi-color Spraying Path Planning
1355PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-15龚梦瑶18137559895 Swarm-based Optimization Method for Load Distribution of Concrete Placing Robot
1522PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-16刘志鹏18763636893 on Virtual USB Storage in Remote File Transfer
1597PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-17王晨亦17398385189 of Intelligent Monitoring System for Blast Furnace Hearth Erosion
1615PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-18陈晓洁19955544648 Hierarchical Multi-color Spraying Path Planning with Clustered Traveling Salesman Problem
1645PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-19李澳美18856917985 Detection of Wood-based Panel Thickness via Optimized Relevance Vector Machines
1890PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-20刘珈汝15133552781 Health Assessment Based on AHP-CRITIC Dynamic Weight
2210PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-21徐天宇18036825392 Detection for Surface of Laptop Computer Based on PatchCore GAN Algorithm
480PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-22张玉才18845756531 Modeling and Decision-Making Approach for Self-Adaptive Software Systems under Uncertainty
744PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-23张开16622899507 Mode Identification Method of Large-scale Flexible Structure Based on Computer Vision
900PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-24黄辉17856530660 Technique of Torque Output Characteristic of High Dynamic Maneuvering Device on Spacecraft
901PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-25吴燕珍18196522985 Test Equipment and Method for Disturbance Characteristics of Space Manipulator Operations
1261PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-26张梦18755756550 Strategy of Bulk Agricultural Products Supply Chain
1450PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-27陈永刚17739622013 Progress in Autonomous Control Strategy of Miniature Nuclear Reactor
39PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-28张慧娟15255186239 \& Simulation of Exhaust Reed Valve on Refrigeration Compressor
155PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-29张晓瑜15075928035 Effectiveness Evaluation Method Based on GA-BP under the Condition of Small Sample
528PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-30姜天天13281285056 Incentive for Airborne Intelligent Computing System
1123PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-31刘洪健13438879134 of Electric Field in Hippocampus Induced by Temporal Interference Deep-brain Magnetic Stimulation (TI-DMS)
1437PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-32姜凯19556084380 Multi-UAV Cooperation for Path Planning by An NTVPSO-ADE Algorithm
1738PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-33葛云13003517822 Pseudospectral Method Based on Rigid Body Ballistic Model to Solve Firing Data of the Moving Tank
1908PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-34丁龙18810935403 Load Prediction of Electric Private Vehicles Considering Travel Day Type and Traffic Conditions
1981PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-35宋瑞18756920529 the Leadership Effect in Crowd Evacuation Based on Social Force Model
2079PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-36李民策15801525289 Design of Forced Draft Cooling Tower under Variable Working Conditions
2180PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-37胡潮18297910762 Control and Circuit Simulation of A Fractional-order Synthetic Gene Networks
287PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-38黄河源13685690200 Load Distribution Law Based on Geographic Feature Extraction and Non-parametric Kernel Density Estimation
606PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-3917344079662 Reinforcement Learning Based Autonomous Control Approach for Power System Topology Optimization
813PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-40张骄阳17866635210 Evolution Modeling and Analysis of Distribution Network under V2G Mode
831PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-41张灵灵18156110965 Finite-Time Secondary Frequency Control of An Islanded Microgrid with Renewable Energy Sources
847PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-42陆佳杰17352916643 Demand Response for Active Energy Agent Community under Renewables Portfolio Standards and Power Rationing
880PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-43杨如玉17860626927 Diagnosis Analysis of PCA Distribution Network Based on T2 Contribution Value
1174PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-44徐瑞龙17398385697 on Key Node Identification Method of Transmission Network Based on Improved PageRank Algorithm
1333PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-45王邦宇18267675890 Coordinated Control of Microgrid Changing Topology Considering the Communication Delay
1495PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-46吴振豪15395510178 Human Localization and Safety Monitoring in A Digital Twin of Workspace
1528PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-47贾凯乐17318543453 on Electricity Price Sensitivity of Smart Park Facing Source and Load Uncertainty
1826PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-48谭美娟16655129512 Spatial Correlation and Lead Time for Wind Speed Prediction in East and Southeast Coastal Region of China
1844PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-49杨兆宝15161151821 of Non-intrusive Load Decomposition Based on Harmonic Wavelet Analysis
1895PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-50骆雨欣15398121096 Secondary Anti-interference Control of Microgrid with Communication Delay
1986PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-51程露17318599796 Stability Analysis for Power Systems under Persistent Disturbance
2055PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-52苏天成15209855695 Power Control of Wind Turbine Generator and Energy Storage System Supporting Black Start of Power Grid
84PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-53卢亮升13547806981 Better Samples and Semantic Consistency for Contrast Learning in Forest Semantic Segmentation
101PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-54姚禹18913526761 Infusion Liquid Level Detection Method Based on Improved ROI Segmentation and Horizontal Lines Modification
128PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-55龚雪18790439046 Ranging Based on Improved ORB-RANSAC
164PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-56葛一烽15797956597 Streaks Removal in Single Low-light Image
210PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-57麻玉龙13295516286 Activities Recognition Based on FA-FlowNet and Multi-channel Weighted Fusion
211PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-58罗乐15955113121 Geometry Guided Direct Regression Network for Monocular 6D Object Pose Estimation
292PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-59白柠语15056045680 Real-time Object Detection on Edge Devices for Vehicle and Pedestrian Interaction Scenarios
339PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-60刘淑秀13514978439 Learning Feature Reduction Based on Fuzzy Inconsistency Measurement
367PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-61康雨琪17856762033 Facial Expression Representation via De-albino and Sharing
368PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-62熊苗苗18676056496 Features Reconstruction Transformer for Occluded Person Re-Identification
375PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-63盛长生13190259480 for Locating and Detecting Parallel-edged Sewing Thread of Irregular Small Cloth
405PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-64杨小鹏17305690408 Font Style Transfer in Natural Scene
458PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-65刘飞18551759862 Dim-Small Target Detection Based on the Sparsity of Targets and the Low-Rank of Backgrounds
538PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-66赵翔宇13373370185 of Cable Detection Robot and Image Detection Method
561PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-67刘生辉13637068905 Real-time Horizon Detection Method Based on Confidence Map in Maritime Scenarios
598PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-68汪俊辰13081860774 Semantic Segmentation Scheme Based on XGBoost Combination with Convolution Feature Extraction
603PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-69李庆宇17862889718 Location-Aware Multi-Object Tracking
727PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-70翟鹏飞13382849986 Detection in Remote Sensing Scenes Using Anchor-free Methods and Multi-vector Loss Functions
799PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-71殷雪怡15888188592 of Pedestrian Detection Based on Infrared Image
802PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-72黄帅15305520142 for Point Cloud Based Biomass Prediction
804PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-73王晨晨13225880196 Dependency and Salient Feature Enhancement for Co-SOD
805PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-74祝铭烨15605199208 Attention Network for Object Tracking
818PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-75叶慧13645692049 Visual Dynamic Odometry with Objects Tracking
820PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-76郭俊荣19155168689 Hull Structure and Defect Detection Based on Improved YOLOv5 for Mobile Platform
1072PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-77刘斌琨13003063881 Color Constraints Based 6D Object Pose Estimation from RGB-D Images
1148PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-78裴丽红18856966752 Super-Resolution Reconstruction of Pancreatic Carcinoma Based on Edge Repair Generative Adversarial Network
1162PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-79赵奇15137796234 Visual Odometry for Object Segmentation Based on Sparse Optical Flow in Dynamic Scene
1165PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-80姚瑶13721076117 Detection Based on Attention Mechanism
1182PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-81马海越18795265088 376 769Pedestrian Identification Based on Spatio-temporal Feature of Plantar Pressure
1186PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-82王任道15156693702 Learning Method for Object Detection Based on Adjacent Frame Consistency Measurement
1222PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-83邹家莉15659456785 588 696Muscle Fatigue Identification in Temporal -Spatial-Spectral Joint Domain
1224PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-84童雨洁18095659216 Acquisition of Minimum Gap of Non-Concentric Stator and Rotor During Rotation
1264PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-85李传玲18735132065 A Dynamic Convolutional Neural Network for Brake Disc Surface Defects Detection
1272PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-86李志林18855443392 on Lightweight SSD Binary Network for Vehicle and Pedestrian Detection in Automatic Driving Scene
1287PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-87李宽15856805738 and Implementation of Location Algorithm for Rubber Tapping Robot
1441PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-88陈艳18705695095 Fusion Enhancement Algorithm Based on Neighborhood Mean Color Variation Map for AOI Solder Joint Detection
1468PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-89李婧如15395569448 Spectral Clustering Based on Graph Learning
1471PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-90荣华锐18856494698 Bud Recognition Based on Machine Learning
1518PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-91周越15856453499 Detection of Missing-LEDs of Road Tunnels in Vehicle-Mounted Video Sequences
1527PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-92贺浩阳18788895631 Semi-supervised Clustering Algorithm Based on Constraint Set Optimization for Gene Expression Data
1546PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-93常润东15056046229 Network Based on U-Net Structure and Residual Block
1551PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-94郭伟明15129285280 Hypergraph Convolutional Neural Networks for Image Annotation
1554PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-95周宇哲15656582861 Network with Multi-scale Feature Fusion and Dual Attention Mechanism for Template Matching
1558PTuBJuly 26, 15:00--16:20PTuB-96赵功鹏17754836571
Reduced-Reference Image Quality Assessment for Single-Image Super-Resolution by Convolutional Neural Network