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1692PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-01陆益敏18817668512 Detection Filter for Uncertain Two-dimensional Continuous-discrete State-delayed Systems in Finite Frequency Domains
1718PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-02华伊莎18949460378 Approach Based Fault Detection and Isolation: A Review
1925PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-03胡佳佳15255373826 Fault Diagnosis Method of Lithium Battery Based on LSTM and Battery Physical Model
1999PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-04陶绍诚15862088998 Fault-tolerant Finite Time Control Method for Tilting Quadrotors
2067PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-05李多佳17856915121 Extraction Method for Milling Cutter Wear Based on Optimized VMD
2077PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-06杨飞18217706617 917 504Fault Diagnosis and Condition Evaluation for Soft Start of A Kind of Typical Induction Motor
2237PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-07伊然18756915686 Analysis and Stacked Autoencoder-based Feature Learning Method for Multivariate Processes Monitoring
49PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-08余帆18155911024 Node Identification of Cyber-Physical Power Systems Based on Improved Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process
752PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-09余乾子15375330420 of Integrated Energy System Based on IEC 61499 and OPC UA
830PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-10袁铭19855146713 New Zonotope-based Attack Detection Method for UAV
1519PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-11韩志豪17354035687 Cyber-physical System Security Control under False Data Injection Attack
1578PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-12沈星艺17356589702 Optimal Linear Attacks and Detection under K-L Divergence Detector in Cyber-physical Systems
1809PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-13程凯15983321368 Tracking of Navigation Radar for Unmanned Surface Vehicle Based on An Improved Adaptive Kalman Filtering
2027PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-14邵志昂17685541069 on Testing and Evaluation of USV Autonomous Navigation Algorithm Based on Virtual Reality Fusion
2233PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-15龚梦瑶18137559895 the Detectability of the Mode Division-based Anomaly Detector in Industrial Cyber-physical Systems
54PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-16刘志鹏18763636893 Controller Design Using Regional Pole Assignment
345PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-17王晨亦17398385189 H∞ filtering for a class of discrete-time nonlinear systems in sensor networks
411PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-18陈晓洁19955544648 Performance Limitations of Networked Control Systems with Packet Dropouts and Logarithmic Quantization
729PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-19李澳美18856917985 Networked Control for Platoon Systems with Random Channel Assignment
1549PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-20刘珈汝15133552781 of Fault Detection Observer for Network Control System Based on Delta Operator
167PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-21徐天宇18036825392 Finite-time Containment Control for Nonlinear Multi-agent Systems with Mismatched Disturbance
212PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-22张玉才18845756531 of Multi-agent Systems Based on Distributed PI and PD Control Protocol over Directed Topology
216PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-23张开16622899507 Research on Formation Control of UUVs Based on Behavior Rules
257PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-24黄辉17856530660 Consensus for Linear Multi-agent Systems with Measurement Noises
300PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-25吴燕珍18196522985 Cruise Control of High-speed Train System under Constrained Conditions
315PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-26张梦18755756550 L2-L∞ Containment Control for Multi Agent System
382PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-27陈永刚17739622013 Event-Triggered Distributed Electric Vehicles Charging Scheduling Against Cyber Attacks
412PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-28张慧娟15255186239 Impulsive Consensus of Nonlinear Leader-following Multi-agent Systems
430PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-29张晓瑜15075928035 Control for Nonlinear Multi-agent Systems with Low Transmission and Communication Costs
442PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-30姜天天13281285056 Control for Consensus of Nonlinear Leaderless Multi-agent Systems Based on PDE-ODEs
658PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-31刘洪健13438879134 Control of Nonholonomic Mobile Robots with or without Position Constraints under Switching Topology
731PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-32姜凯19556084380 Consensus for Multi-agent Systems with Antagonistic Interactions and Communication Noise over Lossy Wireless Networks
841PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-33葛云13003517822 Trajectory Planning for Satellite Formation Reconstruction Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning
995PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-34丁龙18810935403 Observer for Systems Driven by Exogenous Signals
1132PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-35宋瑞18756920529 760 641The Implementation Search Deployment Behavior Algorithm for Multi-Agents
1242PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-36李民策15801525289 for Distributed Systems Based on the Relative Measurement Information
1276PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-37胡潮18297910762 Forest Fire Rescue Strategy Based on Multi-Agent Proximal Policy Optimization
1459PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-38黄河源13685690200 939 376Fully Distributed Dynamic Adaptive Weighted Fusion Method for Sensors Network
1464PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-3917344079662 Asymmetric Clustered Divergence Control in Signed Agent Networks
1467PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-40张骄阳17866635210 423 427A Review on Cooperative Control Problems of Multi-agent Systems
1653PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-41张灵灵18156110965 736 169A Virtual Structure Approach to Formation Control of Multi Robots with Collision Avoidance in Space Station
1688PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-42陆佳杰17352916643 Regional Necessity Based Multi-agent Target Search Strategy for Post-earthquake Rescue
1694PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-43杨如玉17860626927 743 095Multi-agent Weapon Target Assignment and Cooperative Path Planning Based on QS-RRT Algorithm
1757PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-44徐瑞龙17398385697 738 849Intention Identification Algorithm for Hunter-target Problem: A Case Study
1873PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-45王邦宇18267675890 Containment Control for Multi-agent Systems with Different Input Constraint Ranges over Directed Networks
1969PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-46吴振豪15395510178 Output Formation Control Based on A Reduced-order Output-feedback Protocol
1985PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-47贾凯乐17318543453 Online Path Planning for UAVs Based on DMPC and Improved Grey Wolf Optimizer
2088PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-48谭美娟16655129512 175 790An IT2FNN-Based Sliding Mode Control Approach to Formation of Multi-Agent Systems with Switching Topology
120PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-49杨兆宝15161151821 of Scalable Sinusoidal Excitation for Multi-capacitance Sensors
208PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-50骆雨欣15398121096 Predictive Localization Algorithm for Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Improved Backtracking Search Optimization and Gray Wolf Optimizer
535PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-51程露17318599796 on Magnetic Flux Leakage Detection of Broken Cable Wire under Robot Spiral Climbing
819PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-52苏天成15209855695 and Theoretical Model of Novel Low Frequency Tactile Sensor Based on Resonance Frequency
1251PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-53卢亮升13547806981 Indoor Positioning Algorithm Against NLOS Error Based on UWB
1626PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-54姚禹18913526761 Distribution Mapping Based on Integrating System with Mobile Robot and Sensor Network
1962PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-55龚雪18790439046 Overhead Time Synchronization for Energy-Constraint Wireless Time Sensitive Network
89PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-56葛一烽15797956597 Photovoltaic Power Fluctuation Design Based on Moving Average Algorithm and Supercapacitor Coordinated Control Strategy
267PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-57麻玉龙13295516286 Robust Adaptive Sliding Mode Control for Oxygen Excess Ratio of PEMFC Systems via Improved Time Delay Estimation
425PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-58罗乐15955113121 Novel CNN-TCN-TAM Classification Model Based Method for Fault Diagnosis of Chiller Sensors
607PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-59白柠语15056045680 Novel Modulation Strategy of Reduced Device-count Hybrid Multilevel Inverter for Wide-Speed Range Motor Drive
708PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-60刘淑秀13514978439 Allocation of Energy Storage in Smart Park Distribution Network for Power Fluctuation Regulation of Tie Line Oriented to Source-load Uncertainty
824PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-61康雨琪17856762033 Storage Capacity Configuration Method of Photovoltaic Power Plants Based on ICEEMDAN-FFT
840PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-62熊苗苗18676056496 236 690A Frequency Adaptive Repetitive Controller Based on the Thiran Filter for Grid-Connected Inverters
906PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-63盛长生13190259480 Early Multi-Fault Diagnosis Method of Lithium-ion Battery Based on Data-Driven
1090PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-64杨小鹏17305690408 Hybrid Kalman Filter for SOC Estimation of Lithium-ion Batteries
1094PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-65刘飞18551759862 and Design of A Novel Dual-Bridge Series Resonant Converter
1101PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-66赵翔宇13373370185 on Asymmetric Hybrid Cascade Multilevel Energy Storage System Based on Battery-Supercapacitor
1212PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-67刘生辉13637068905 Optimization Design and Analysis of A Novel Current-Fed Converter with PPS Control
1248PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-68汪俊辰13081860774 Accurate State of Health Estimation for Retired Lithium-ion Batteries Based on Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
1555PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-69李庆宇17862889718 on Energy Storage Control Strategy Considering Economy
1573PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-70翟鹏飞13382849986 399 945Cost Evaluation of Electric Hydrogen Energy System Based on Renewable Energy Power Generation
1883PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-71殷雪怡15888188592 Inverse Model-based Indoor Thermal Environment Control for Thermal Comfort and Energy Saving
2025PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-72黄帅15305520142 Management of Microgrid Considering Different Battery SOC
2301PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-73王晨晨13225880196 of Photovoltaic Power Generation Technology for Smart Agriculture Systems
2302PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-74祝铭烨15605199208 on the Economy of Implementing the MPPT for Wind-solar Hybrid Power Generation System: A Review
185PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-75叶慧13645692049 Planning for Collision Avoidance Based on Artificial Potential Field with Vehicle Dimension Constraint
380PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-76郭俊荣19155168689 Control of CAVs for Platooning under A Parallel Distributed Model Predictive Control Framework
558PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-77刘斌琨13003063881 Kind of Cross-Camera Tracking Strategy in Tunnel Environment
625PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-78裴丽红18856966752 Control of Semi-active Suspension Based on CDC Shock Absorber
626PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-79赵奇15137796234 on ESP Control Strategy Based on Particle Swarm and Fuzzy Logic Optimization Method
632PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-80姚瑶13721076117 on EPS Control Strategy Based on BAS Algorithm
780PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-81马海越18795265088 346 145Decentralized Tube Model Predictive Control for Arbitrarily Mixed Vehicle Platoons with HDV Uncertainties
1168PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-82王任道15156693702 Energy Vehicle Intelligent Solid State Circuit Breaker Application
1277PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-83邹家莉15659456785 968 270MDE-Net: Monocular Distance Measurement Based on Detected License Plates
1395PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-84童雨洁18095659216 between Braking Strategy and Regenerative Braking Energy of Electric Vehicle
1403PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-85李传玲18735132065 on Speed Control of Urban Expressway Based on Improved Fish Swarm Algorithm
1458PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-86李志林18855443392 Parameter Dependent H∞ Path Following Control Design for Autonomous V ehicles under Periodic DoS Attacks
1488PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-87李宽15856805738 Point Suspension Control of Maglev Train Based on BP Neural Network
99PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-88陈艳18705695095 Kiefer-Wolfowitz Algorithm Based Adaptive PID for Magnetic Levitation Ball System with Experimental Verification
350PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-89李婧如15395569448 Enhanced Mechanism Model of High-Pressure Grinding Roll for Operation Condition Identification
760PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-90荣华锐18856494698 Detection and Identification Based on Kernel Principal Component Analysis with Multi-block Information Extraction
783PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-91周越15856453499 Causal Association Discovery in Manufacturing Industries
1018PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-92贺浩阳18788895631 Automatic Method of Autoregression Part Selection for Gaussian Time Series Prediction
1341PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-93常润东15056046229 Following Controller for Snake Robots Based on Data-driven MPC and Extended State Observer
1533PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-94郭伟明15129285280 Production Plan and Error Feedback DBN-DNN Based Prediction Method for LDG Generation in Steel Industry
1536PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-95周宇哲15656582861 Modeling of Time Series Based Fuzzy Cognitive Maps and Its Application in the Furnace Temperature Prediction
1632PTuAJuly 26, 13:30--14:50PTuA-96赵功鹏17754836571
944-308-959A Novel GASEN-PSOELM-based Ensemble Method for Quality Variable Prediction in Chemical Processes