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137PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-01陆益敏18817668512 Expression and High-precision Estimation of the 2-norm of Exp(At)
168PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-02华伊莎18949460378 Neural Control for A Class of Non-strict Feedback Nonlinear Multi-agent Systems with Input Quantization
277PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-03胡佳佳15255373826 Inventory Control of Supply Chain Networks in Risky Shared Information Environments
370PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-04陶绍诚15862088998 Sliding Mode Control for Noncommensurate Fractional-order System with Mismatched Disturbances
460PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-05李多佳17856915121 Estimation with Multiple Measurement Delays and Time-correlated Additive Noises
500PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-06杨飞18217706617 Effects of Linear-quadratic Index and Controllability Criterion on Actuator Placement of Cantilever Beam Vibrating Systems
591PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-07伊然18756915686 Mode Control for Uncertain Markovian Jump Systems:An Event-triggered Approach
726PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-08余帆18155911024 New Switching Strategy of Stabilization for Positive Switched Linear Systems
734PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-09余乾子15375330420 of Positive Impulse Switched Linear Systems
743PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-10袁铭19855146713 Analysis for Discrete-time Positive Switched Linear Systems with Time-delays
748PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-11韩志豪17354035687 Point Theorem of A Sum Operator and Applications
767PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-12沈星艺17356589702 Method for High-Voltage Electric Field to Control Inkjet 3D Printing
797PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-13程凯15983321368 Design of Gradient-based Optimization in Frequency Domain
1083PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-14邵志昂17685541069 Set Estimation for Discrete-time Time-delay Singular Systems
1198PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-15龚梦瑶18137559895 Sliding Mode Tracking Control Design for Nonholonomic Wheeled Mobile Robots
1201PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-16刘志鹏18763636893 Estimation for Static Neural Networks with Time-Varying Delay via Quadratic Function Negative-Determination Lemma
1363PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-17王晨亦17398385189 Analysis of Discrete-Time Delayed Neural Networks via Cubic Function Negative-Determination Lemma
1427PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-18陈晓洁19955544648 Actuator Rate Limit Effect on Control Performance in First-order Plus Time-delay Systems
1540PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-19李澳美18856917985奇异时滞系统基于状态分解的分析与设计
1598PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-20刘珈汝15133552781 Analysis for Delayed Neural Networks via A Relaxed Negative-Determination Quadratic Function Method
1902PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-21徐天宇18036825392 dependent H∞ filtering for stochastic delay systems governed by Poisson process
2008PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-22张玉才18845756531 Terminal Sliding Mode Control for Pneumatic System Based on Extended State Observer
2069PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-23张开16622899507 New Result for $H_{infty}$ Performance Analysis of Sampled-data Systems via Looped-functionals
2168PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-24黄辉17856530660 of Maneuvering Characteristics of the Hypersonic Flight Vehicle
2238PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-25吴燕珍18196522985 Predictor-based Modified-act-and-wait Control Scheme for Fixed-time Stabilization of Input-delay Systems
2290PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-26张梦18755756550 Observer and Control Design of Linear-Time-Invariant System under Binary-Valued Sensor
2307PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-27陈永刚17739622013 Twin Based Train Delay Prediction System: Design and Realization
77PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-28张慧娟15255186239 Cascade Transformation Based Adaptive Electromagnetic Suspension Control of Maglev Trains without Speed Measurement
146PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-29张晓瑜15075928035 of Grey Wolf Optimization Algorithm in Tuning Controller Parameters of Hypersonic Vehicle
306PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-30姜天天13281285056 Consensus Tracking Control for A Class of Switched Nonlinear Non-strict Feedback Multi-agent Systems with Unmodeled Dynamics
335PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-31刘洪健13438879134 Neural Control of Time-Varying Constrained Direct-Current Motor System with Input Saturation
379PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-32姜凯19556084380 Novel Sliding Mode Control for Robotic Manipulator Based on Finite-time Disturbance Observer
404PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-33葛云13003517822 Analysis for A Nonlinear Quadrotor UAV Based on Zonotopes
485PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-34丁龙18810935403 Synchronization between Two Different Fourth-order Hyperchaotic Systems
489PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-35宋瑞18756920529 Dynamic Surface Backstepping Integral Sliding Mode Control for the Speed and Tension System of the Cold Strip Rolling Mill
543PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-36李民策15801525289 and MPC-based Balance Control for A Wheeled Bipedal Robot
687PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-37胡潮18297910762 Quasi-Sliding Mode Tracking Control for Quadrotors with Input Saturation
787PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-38黄河源13685690200 Sliding Mode Disturbance Observer-Based Error-Driven Adaptive Robust Feedback Control of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems: Theory and Application
862PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-3917344079662 Analysis and Motion Control for Underactuated Cart-double-pendulum System
873PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-40张骄阳17866635210 of Complex-valued Inertial Neural Networks with Time-varying Delay
914PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-41张灵灵18156110965 Network Based Finite-time Super Twisting Sliding Mode Control for Quad-rotor UAV with Parameter Uncertainty and Mismatched Disturbance
1062PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-42陆佳杰17352916643 of Solutions of Measure Differential Equations
1095PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-43杨如玉17860626927 Stabilization of Large-scale Stochastic Nonlinear Feedforward Systems
1161PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-44徐瑞龙17398385697 Fault-Tolerant Siding Mode Control for Robot Manipulator
1208PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-45王邦宇18267675890 Impulsive Hybrid Control for Finite-time Synchronization of A Class of Strict Feedback Nonlinear Systems
1219PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-46吴振豪15395510178 Finite-Time Stabilization of Nonlinear Systems with Output Constraint
1299PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-47贾凯乐17318543453 Terminal Sliding Mode Control for Quadrotor Based on ESO
1305PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-48谭美娟16655129512 Inverse Optimal Attitude Tracking Control for Rigid Spacecraft
1359PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-49杨兆宝15161151821 Anti-disturbance Anti-Saturation Control for Systems with Nonlinearity: Application to Helicopter Elevation Angle Model
1380PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-50骆雨欣15398121096 Time Projective Synchronization Control of Lorenz Chaotic Systems
1388PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-51程露17318599796 Tracking Control for Hypersonic Vehicle Based on Differential Flatness and ADRC
1443PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-52苏天成15209855695 on the Combined Control Algorithm of Ship Course and Speed in Ordinary-Speed
1539PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-53卢亮升13547806981 and Backstepping Controller of Delta Robot Trajectory Tracking
1552PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-54姚禹18913526761 Feedback Stabilization of Stochastic High-order Nonlinear Systems with Multiple High-order Coupling Terms
1677PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-55龚雪18790439046 Three-dimensional Guidance Law with Impact Angle Constraints
1783PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-56葛一烽15797956597 Adaptive Neural Tracking Control of Nonlinear Systems with Discrete and Distributed Time-Varying Delays
1900PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-57麻玉龙13295516286 Control with Observers for Singular Stochastic Systems with Multiple Disturbances
2058PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-58罗乐15955113121 Control of Euler-Lagrange System under DoS Attack
2074PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-59白柠语15056045680 Disturbance Observer Based Integral Terminal Sliding Mode Control for Hybrid Energy Storage System
2176PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-60刘淑秀13514978439 and State Feedback Control Bifurcation of Fractional-Order Cyclic Gene Regulatory Networks with Time Delay
2229PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-61康雨琪17856762033 Control for A Planar Underactuated Manipulator Based on Model Reduction and Energy Attenuation
564PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-62熊苗苗18676056496 Instability and Hopf Bifurcation Analysis for A Hybrid Control Biological System with One-Dimensional Diffusion
716PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-63盛长生13190259480 Consensus with Multiplicative Communication Noises in Social Networks
833PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-64杨小鹏17305690408 Division for Urban Road Network Based on Causality
1326PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-65刘飞18551759862 of False Data Injection Attack for Interconnected Systems
1949PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-66赵翔宇13373370185 New Edge Removal Strategy for Complex Networks Based on An Improved Tabu Search Algorithm
549PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-67刘生辉13637068905
316-907-060Simulation and Virtual Experiment Platform Design of Carbon Fiber Solidification Bath Process
2054PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-68汪俊辰13081860774 Convergence for Wave Equations with Dynamic Boundary Condition
2225PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-69李庆宇17862889718 of Reaction-Diffusion Systems with Time Delay via the Lyapunov-Razumikhin Method
80PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-70翟鹏飞13382849986 702 331Parameter Design Constraints of UDE-Based Control under Non-ideal Actuators
724PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-71殷雪怡15888188592 Sampled-data Control for Linear Systems with Input Delays
1074PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-72黄帅15305520142 on Tracking Control of Two Wheeled Self-balancing Vehicle
1531PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-73王晨晨13225880196 Control for Discrete-time Switched Systems under Multi-asynchronous Switching with Mode-dependent Average Dwell Time
1664PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-74祝铭烨15605199208 Analysis for Neutral-type Generalized Neural Networks with Delays
1743PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-75叶慧13645692049 Impedance Stability Analysis for Multi-port Converter Considering Bidirectional Energy Flow
2063PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-76郭俊荣19155168689 Analysis of Rumor-spreading Model with Rumor Refutation Mechanism
518PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-77刘斌琨13003063881 Design for A Class of Singular Discrete-time Markovian Jump Systems with Randomly Occurring Sensor Saturation and Deception Attacks
912PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-78裴丽红18856966752 Optimal Kalman Predictor for Descriptor System with Packet Dropouts and Colored Measurement Noises
1442PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-79赵奇15137796234 Controller Design for Stochastic Control Systems under Periodic DoS Jamming Attacks
1499PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-80姚瑶13721076117 Mean-field Backward Stochastic Differential Equations with Discontinuous Coefficients
1737PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-81马海越18795265088 105 033Adaptive Mean Field Games for Large Population Discrete-Time Cost-Coupled LQG Problems
1864PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-82王任道15156693702 Representation Theorems for A Class of Modified BSDEs
100PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-83邹家莉15659456785 Model Identification of Cement Quality Based on Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm and Fractional-order PID Controller
171PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-84童雨洁18095659216 Gradient Based Cholesky CMA-ES Estimation Algorithms for Hammerstein Systems
202PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-85李传玲18735132065 of Mass Center and Unbalanced Expulsion with Apogee Engine Working
344PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-86李志林18855443392 Parameter Estimation Algorithms for Nonlinear Output Error Model with Quantized Observations
433PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-87李宽15856805738 on Working Condition Recognition of Grate Cooler Based on RPROP-RF Algorithm
456PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-88陈艳18705695095 Size Design of Launch Vehicle Based on SPOT and Bayesian Recursive Estimation
467PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-89李婧如15395569448 Hammerstein-Wiener Model Identification
707PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-90荣华锐18856494698 Filtering Based Operating State Estimation for Power Battery
711PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-91周越15856453499 Maximally Split and Relaxed ADMM for Huber Robust Regression
763PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-92贺浩阳18788895631 Improved H-infinity Filter for SOC Estimation of Lithium-ion Batteries Based on Fractional Order Model
788PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-93常润东15056046229 Flexible Spacecraft Simulation System: Control, Identification and Effectiveness Evaluation
822PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-94郭伟明15129285280 Adaptive Central Difference H-infinity Filter Based SOC Estimation for Lithium-ion Batteries with Measurement Noise
825PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-95周宇哲15656582861 Behavior Analysis of Retired Batteries Based on Thermo-electric Coupling Model
871PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-96赵功鹏17754836571 Identification of Hammerstein-Wiener Time-delay Systems with Maximum Likelihood and Gradient Descent Algorithm
1465PMoAJuly 25, 13:30--14:50PMoA-97江泽松18172993676 Force Estimation for Terminal Traction Human-machine Interaction Based on SEMG