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483PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-01陆益敏18817668512 Fast Covariance Intersection Fusion Kalman Filter for Networked System with Fading Measurements and Correlated Noises
512PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-02华伊莎18949460378 URL Recognition Based on Multi-feature Fusion and Machine Learning
584PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-03胡佳佳15255373826 Estimation Algorithm for Nonlinear System with Unknown Parameter Based on Minimum Perturbation Principle
656PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-04陶绍诚15862088998 Cancellation for Continuous Wave Mud Pulse Signal Based on Bi-ConvLSTM
892PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-05李多佳17856915121 and Inverse Calculation Method for Shape and Depth of Seepage Channel of Embankment
997PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-06杨飞18217706617 919 079Multi-Period-Clustering Algorithm for Carrier Doppler-Shift Acquisition in Space Communications
1038PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-07伊然18756915686 Fusion Filter for Stochastic Uncertain System with Time-correlated Noises and Packet Dropout Compensations
1268PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-08余帆18155911024 Turning Direction Recognition Method Based on Exterior Measured Data for Spacecraft’s Reentry
1307PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-09余乾子15375330420 of GPR Transmitting Pulse Signal Based on FPGA
1389PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-10袁铭19855146713 on the Influence of Different Feature Parameters on Speech Recognition Rate
1553PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-11韩志豪17354035687 of Gaussian Filter for Nonlinear System with Correlated Noises, Randomly Delayed Measurements, Packet Dropouts and Communication Constraints
1729PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-12沈星艺17356589702 Fault Detection Method Based on Bearing Dynamics with Multi-frequency Sinusoidal Signal
1945PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-13程凯15983321368 Tracking Based Deep Learning and Control Design Onboard Small-Sized Quadrotor UAV
1968PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-14邵志昂17685541069 and Development of Intelligent Well Logging Interpretation System
1973PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-15龚梦瑶18137559895 Covariance Intersection Fusion Steady-state Kalman Filter for Uncertain Systems with Multiplicative Noises, Missing Measurements and Linearly Correlated White Noises
341PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-16刘志鹏18763636893 Knowledge Bayesian Network Parameter Learning Method under Incomplete Data
454PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-17王晨亦17398385189 Selecting Numerical Features for Fast Subgroup Discovery
1786PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-18陈晓洁19955544648 Exhaust Gas Temperature Prediction Based on the Deep Convolution Neural Network and LightGBM Combination Model
1990PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-19李澳美18856917985 of Imbalanced Data Enhancement Technique Based on Feature Distribution Smoothing in Exhaust Prediction
26PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-20刘珈汝15133552781 for Aircraft Path Planning Based on Triangle Inequality Secondary Optimization
96PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-21徐天宇18036825392 Sliding-mode Guidance Law for Active Protection
347PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-22张玉才18845756531 of Horizontal Accelerometer Biases Estimation in Gimbaled INS Based on Azimuth Rotating Modulation Technology
400PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-23张开16622899507 Path Planning Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning
462PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-24黄辉17856530660 of Multi-Slide-Mode Nonsingular Terminal Sliding Mode Guidance Law Based on Super Twisting Algorithm
488PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-25吴燕珍18196522985 Optimization of Hypersonic Glider Based on Attack Angle-Velocity Profile Using Gauss Pseudo-Spectral Method
659PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-26张梦18755756550 Path Planning for Catamarans
719PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-27陈永刚17739622013 Integrated Guidance and Control with Impact Angle Constraint
770PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-28张慧娟15255186239 In-Motion Initial Alignment Based on Backtracking Multi-vector Attitude Determination
779PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-29张晓瑜15075928035 Planning of Electronic Warfare Aircraft for Escort Support Jamming
1156PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-30姜天天13281285056 952 693Time-to-go Estimation for Guidance Law with Impact Angle Constraint
1282PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-31刘洪健13438879134 Calibration Scheme for Tri-axis MEMS Gyroscope
1325PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-32姜凯19556084380 Vehicles Roundup Strategy by Reinforcement Learning with Prediction Trajectory
1343PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-33葛云13003517822 Trajectory Planning and Control of Miniature Munition
1394PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-34丁龙18810935403 Strategy Design of Active Defense Based on Fixed-time Convergence
1484PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-35宋瑞18756920529 521 865Perception-Aware A* Path Planning for Range-based Navigation
1509PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-36李民策15801525289 Neural Network-Based Penetration Trajectory Generation for Hypersonic Gliding Vehicles Encountering Two Interceptors
1617PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-37胡潮18297910762 Reliable Indoor Pedestrian Positioning Method Considering the Topological Map Constraints
2005PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-38黄河源13685690200 963 871Leader-follower Formation Control for Fixed-wing UAVs Using Deep Reinforcement Learning
41PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-3917344079662 Observer-Based Control Against Sensor Failures for Fractional Order Systems
186PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-40张骄阳17866635210 199 232Current Control and Discretization Analysis of DFIG Based on Pole-Placement
544PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-41张灵灵18156110965 849 246Active Disturbance Rejection Control Design for the Power on Ultrasonic Transducer
683PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-42陆佳杰17352916643 on Active Disturbance Rejection Control Scheme of Auxiliary Power Unit
749PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-43杨如玉17860626927 Generalized Active Disturbance Rejection Control for Discrete-Time Systems
1003PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-44徐瑞龙17398385697 574 873Design Summary of Centralized Computer Control System for Large- Scale Equipment
1143PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-45王邦宇18267675890 and Coordinated Control for Load Following of Nuclear Power Plant
1145PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-46吴振豪15395510178 and Implementation of Attitude Control for Quadrotor UAV Based on Adaptive Fuzzy PID
1345PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-47贾凯乐17318543453 Stabilization of A Class of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems
1364PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-48谭美娟16655129512
254 271 003
Reconfigurable Strategy for A Class of Discrete-time Piecewise Affine Systems in the Presence of Actuator Failures
1444PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-49杨兆宝15161151821 of GCC Congestion Control Algorithm in Streaming Media Transmission
1602PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-50骆雨欣15398121096 of LPV Controller for Morphing Aircraft Based on Finite-time Time-varying Sliding Mode
1721PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-51程露17318599796 of Wireless Partial Discharge Digital Calibrator Based on Lora
1741PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-52苏天成15209855695 Closed-Loop Game Based Attitude Control for On-orbit Assembly
1977PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-53卢亮升13547806981 Control of Space Manipulator Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning
116PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-54姚禹18913526761 Learning Applied to Agent Path Planning
133PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-55龚雪18790439046 on Target Tracking System of Unmanned Surface Vehicle Based on Hierarchical Control Strategy
517PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-56葛一烽15797956597 Autonomous Quadrotor Exploration Combining Frontier and Sampling for Environments with Narrow Entrances
527PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-57麻玉龙13295516286 Exploration-Stochastic Trajectory Optimization for Manipulator Obstacle Avoiding Motion Planning
700PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-58罗乐15955113121 Generation for the Multi-legged Robot with Injured Legs
774PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-59白柠语15056045680 Avoidance Algorithm via Hierarchical Interaction Deep Reinforcement Learning
1019PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-60刘淑秀13514978439 Avoidance Control of Multi-AUV Formation with Third- Order Dynamics Based on IAPF in 3-dimensional Environment
1044PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-61康雨琪17856762033 Optimization of An Underwater Swimming Manipulator with Rotary Thrusters and Rolling Joints
1183PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-62熊苗苗18676056496 390 336Alignment Parking Control Method of Train Side Inspection Robot
1252PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-63盛长生13190259480 Registration of Point Cloud Maps with Low-overlap Regions
1301PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-64杨小鹏17305690408 on Dynamic Trajectory Planning Algorithm for Safe Obstacle Avoidance of Automatic Forklift
1371PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-65刘飞18551759862 Improved FastSLAM Using Combined Features and Optimized Observation Likelihood
1452PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-66赵翔宇13373370185 Manipulation of Elastic Rods Using Optimization-based Shape Perception and Sensorimotor Model Approximation
1668PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-67刘生辉13637068905 Avoidance and Path Planning for UGVs Using Improved RRT Algorithm
1683PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-68汪俊辰13081860774 Assessment Based on Dynamic Voxel Grids in Outdoor Unstructured Environments
1749PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-69李庆宇17862889718 Visual Grounding under Object Referring Uncertainty
1766PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-70翟鹏飞13382849986 276 818Design of Autonomous Vehicle Trajectory Tracking System Based on MPC in Unknown Environment
1771PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-71殷雪怡15888188592 Path Planning for Unmanned Surface Vehicle Based on the Improved DWA Algorithm
1886PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-72黄帅15305520142 and Implementation of An Autonomous Driving Delivery Robot
1915PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-73王晨晨13225880196 Fast Switching-based Trajectory Planning Algorithm for Aggressive Quadrotor Flight
1998PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-74祝铭烨15605199208 Inverse Kinematic Optimization Method for the S-R-S Redundant Manipulator Considering Joint Limit and Singular Position Avoidance
2013PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-75叶慧13645692049 Horizon Control with Trajectron++: Navigating Mobile Robots in the Crowd
2235PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-76郭俊荣19155168689 Driving Based on Bayesian Game in Human-Robot Coexistence Environment
32PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-77刘斌琨13003063881 Estimation for Uncertain Interconnected Systems with Faults: A Lower Triangular Matrix Transformation Approach
103PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-78裴丽红18856966752 Fatigue Crack Classification by WSCNN-GRU Using Acoustic Emission
118PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-79赵奇15137796234 Diagnosability Quantitative Evaluation Based on Maximum Mean Discrepancy
198PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-80姚瑶13721076117 Predictive Flux Control-Based Open-Circuit Fault Diagnosis Method for Two-Level Three-Phase Inverter Induction Motor Drive
207PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-81马海越18795265088 134 554Distributed Thrust Allocation Method for Heading Control of Unmanned Surface Vehicle
251PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-82王任道15156693702 Novel Sliding Mode Fault-tolerant Control for Quadrotors Based on Non-singular Fast Terminal Super-twisting Algorithm
268PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-83邹家莉15659456785 Bearing Degradation Evaluation Method Based on MRMR-SVDD
311PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-84童雨洁18095659216 Detection Based on Hierarchical Mode Analysis with ICA-KICA
389PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-85李传玲18735132065 on Transformer Fault Diagnosis Based on the Optimization of SVM Using Modified Particle Swarm Algorithm
393PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-86李志林18855443392 Adaptive Fault–tolerant Control and Its Application in Ship Speed/Course Coordination
437PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-87李宽15856805738 Diagnostic Method for IGBTs Open-circuit Faults in NPC Inverter
439PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-88陈艳18705695095∞ UIO-Based Robust Fault Diagnosis Design in Finite Frequency Domain for Discrete-Time Systems
476PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-89李婧如15395569448 H-/H∞ Fault Detection for Singular systems with Time-varying Delay
691PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-90荣华锐18856494698 Parameters Estimation of Turbofan Engine Based on Improved UKF Method
705PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-91周越15856453499 Event-Triggered $H_{infty}$ Fault Detection for Linear Discrete Time Systems with Multiplicative Noises
844PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-92贺浩阳18788895631 Fault Diagnosis Scheme for Transmission Link of High-Speed Maglev Operation Control Data
1014PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-93常润东15056046229 Convolutional Neural Network Based Fault Diagnosis Algorithm for Chemical Process
1105PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-94郭伟明15129285280 Handwriting Analysis for Disease Diagnosis
1372PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-95周宇哲15656582861 Deformation Monitoring of Long-Span Steel Structures Based on Fixed Features
1511PMoCJuly 25, 16:30--17:50PMoC-96赵功鹏17754836571
Fixed-time Sliding Mode Disturbance Observer-Combined Fault Detection Strategy for Electro Mechanical Flight Actuators